#DiscoveringWrestling #012 – Hunan Hustle! MKW Championship Match!

This latest episode of Middle Kingdom Wrestling is short and sweet, with only one match. The unusually different video quality and one match only format comes as the result of unexpected changes needing to be adapted to and, for a title change that was put together on the fly, it performs admirably amongst all the difficulties. But if any company wants to thrive in the world of Pro-Wrestling it will have to adapt and overcome adversity, so here’s to you, MKW! I hope to see this belt defended in many future matches, last minute swerves or not!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW0P_qvjOv4&w=560&h=315]

Match 1: MKW Championship Match – Dalton Bragg (c) vs. “The Selfie King” Hong Wan

Dalton Bragg plays the heel role during his entrance for what appears to be the first time in his tenure with the company, trash talking fans who seem to be engaged with, but not understand, what he is saying. The match starts out as a chop-fest, because, after a match the previous day, Bragg knew the audience would be hot for it, amongst, I’m certain, other reasons. Chop chop chop it goes, Bragg selling them like they’re red hot knives slammed against his chest. The match keeps up on these chops and slaps for a long while, as even after Dalton Bragg regains control he goes around outside the ring slapping the back of Hong Wan up close in the audience’s face.

Speaking of the audience, attendance at this outdoor match was phenomenal. The ring is surrounded by a mob of people. This is the first time that MKW have seemed legitimately impressive in a crowd-drawing manner on camera. It made for a professional, big fight feel even amidst the lower quality of camera work and the unpredictable lighting.

As the match moves on, Hong Wan hits a nice German Suplex, proving that his repertoire of moves is only getting bigger and his execution tighter. Indeed, one of my notes for writing this review read simply “surprisingly diverse set of moves overall“, and that type of unpredictability, tied to ever improving quality of execution, is how you attract the wrestling fan as opposed to the sports entertainment fan. Seeing as how Adrian Gomez, the owner and operator of Middle Kingdom Wrestling, values the golden days of Ring of Honor, it seems like a safe bet that he wants to run a fun wrestling company, and attract that audience as opposed to otherwise.

Bragg has a good moment with a monkey flip in the match, but I would have liked to see him give Selfie King more air on the move. A great monkey flip is a surprising thing of beauty. While Hong Wan undoubtedly gets better with every match he has, and his career is so young he has plenty of room to grow, it would be unfair of me to not mention that Bragg has improved too. In this match he hits his two signature moves, and while the speed on rotation of his kicks could be better, his fluidity on performing the Float-Over DDT is much improved over other times I have seen him do it. If he can continue to ramp up the speed at which he performs he’ll open doors for himself for certain.

The match builds to a close and Selfie King hits Dalton Bragg with a nice Samoan Drop. He follows it up with a standing Moonsault that’s all knees on Dalton’s chest and gets the pinfall. Folks, you have your new Middle Kingdom Wrestling champion, “The Selfie King” Hong Wan! Sadly, for all he has been brilliant at his gimmick throughout his other matches, the Selfie King fails to follow up his win with an in-ring selfie celebration with his gold.


But he certainly has taken MANY since them! Doing that gimmick proud!

Overall the match was a bit slow, but there were no glaring errors and it flowed nicely, despite the bizarre camera edits and lower quality footage. The commentary continues to get better, and I think I’ve settled on this guy as the voice of MKW. I’m certain that with more practice he’ll certainly get better. It would go a long way for him to learn the names of more moves and to be prepped in advance for what to call certain things.

Grade: B-

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